Education is freedom...
...freedom to dream!
...freedom to chart destiny!
Education - my Right
Community Members Interested (COMMITTED) is a tax-exempt non-profit organization registered in the US under section 501-(C)(3) of the US IRS Code, as well as an approved non-governmental organization (NGO) under Social Welfare Council (SWC) regulations of the Government of Nepal.

COMMITTED strives to ensure free quality education to children in communities we serve as part of our Sikchya Mero Adhikar (Education-My Right) campaign. COMMITTED collaborates with communities--through a comprehensive community planning process--to set up Social Business for Education (SBE) projects. In addition to financing education of the children, SBE projects also finance community development projects, address livelihood issues and foster awareness of, and consideration for, the conservation and sustainability of natural resources and environment.
quality education for all
COMMITTED’s mission is to assist Nepalese communities have access to free, sustainable, mandatory and quality education for all children giving them the freedom to dream and chart their own destinies.
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